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Community Flood Resilience and Development : From Theory to Practice
Frederic Grelot, Adriana Keating, Wei Liu, Reinhard Mechler
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Communities, institutions and flood risk, mobilising social capital to improve community resilience
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Over the last decade interest in the concept of community resilience amongst researchers and policy groups has been growing. During that time academic researchers have been working to untangle the complex network of social concepts that define community resilience. At the same time, social institutions have been working to embed community resilience into their policies and programmes. This research has sought to assist in both areas, first by contributing to the academic debate and second by building a clearer understanding of how communities and organisations can work together to build community resilience.

Specifically, this research has investigated the relationship between social capital derived from community-institution links and community resilience. A case study approach was adopted, focussing on three communities (Newton Abbot, Teignmouth and Shaldon) exposed to tidal flood risk in the River Teign Estuary, Devon, UK. The links between the three communities and institutions involved in flood risk management were examined using data gathered from an analysis of flood risk management policy documents, observational studies in each of the three study sites, a questionnaire survey of community residents and interviews with incumbents of roles related to flood risk management operating close to the communities.

From the case study analysis it was possible to discern a system where communities, institutions, social capital and resilience are all linked. Within the system community resilience was manifest both as a process in the system and as an outcome from the system. Important lessons were learned, some with potential to make existing systems that aim to improve community resilience more effective and some that will help to direct the focus of future research that seeks to deepen the academic understanding of community resilience.

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