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Andean communities in the face of global change : Risks, uncertainties and opportunities for transformation - Part A: "Knowledge, intervention and innovation
Diana Sietz, Giuseppe Feola
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Modeling Farmer community resilience to crop pests in the tropical Andes
Olivier Dangles  1, 2@  , Francois Rebaudo  3@  
1 : IRD
Institut de recherche pour le développement [IRD] : UR72
2 : UMSA
3 : IRD
Institut de recherche pour le développement [IRD] : UR072

Global climate change represents a major threat to sustainable farming in the Andes. Farmers have used local ecological knowledge and intricate production systems to cope, adapt and reorganize to meet climate uncertainty and risk, which have always been a fact of life. Those traditional systems are generally highly resilient, but the predicted effects, rates and variability of climate change may push them beyond their range of adaptability. At the interface between environmental and social changes, the risks related to agricultural pests are of major concern for the food security of thousands of Andean farmers. Climate change -along with rapid market development, population pressures and globalization- has resulted in range expansion for important pests such as moths that attack potatoes and quinoa, and the Andean potato weevil. In this context, integrated pest management (IPM) programs should develop new approaches to integrate those changes and improve farmer resilience. Importantly, we urgently need to have a better understanding of the processes by which new IPM knowledge spread through farmer communities so that resilience against pest at the community level may be achieved. Here we present how modeling approaches such as agent based models may be useful tools to address the issue of farmer resilience to pests in the tropical Andes. In particular, we show how the application of these tools in large-scale IPM programs would strengthen the role of education in reducing community vulnerability to pest risks, and to spur adaptation to ongoing climate-driven changes in pest distribution and abundance.


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