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Integrating resilience into conservation science and practice
Duan Biggs
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Integrating resilience into conservation science and practice
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Resilience thinking has received increased attention in conservation circles over the past decade. Conservation interventions aim to manage ecosystems to limit the risk of crossing dangerous thresholds into undesirable states that deliver a lower level of conservation benefits and ecosystem services. These interventions play out in the context of rapid social and ecological change, characterised by complex feedbacks, uncertainty, and a lack of historical analogue. The contribution of resilience thinking to conservation planning and management is that it actively considers issues such as social-ecological complexity, uncertainty and provides a way to think through these challenges. Despite this growing interest, the development of a theories and frameworks for the implementation resilience practice in conservation has received limited attention. The use of resilience in scientific papers and policy documents has sky-rocketed but a more in-depth investigation of these documents suggests that the majority of them use resilience as the new buzzword and continue with business as normal but claim to be managing for resilience. Only a handful of conservation agencies worldwide have tried to implement resilience-thinking in depth and reflected on their experiences in the scientific literature. Thus, the promise of resilience thinking to be incorporated and to improve conservation planning and management has yet to become a mainstream reality. In this session we reflect on how the resilience concept has been used in conservation science and practice around the world. The session includes insights from both conservation scientists and practitioners who have tried to incorporate resilience thinking in their research and their projects and programs. This session will highlight where and how resilience thinking has been used to advance conservation science and practice. Finally, the session will reflect on the challenges that are faced in incorporating and implementing resilience concepts into conservation science and practice and provide suggestions on how these can be navigated. 

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