Wednesday 7
Andean communities in the face of global change : Risks, uncertainties and opportunities for transformation - Part A: "Knowledge, intervention and innovation
Diana Sietz, Giuseppe Feola
› 11:35 - 12:30 (55min)
› JOFFRE 1-3
Quechua Farmers' Innovation for Resilience
Vanesa Ramos Abensur  1, *@  
1 : Asociacion para la Naturaleza y el Desarrollo Sostenible  (Asocacion ANDES)  -  Website
Av. Sacsayhuaman H-9 Urb. Manuel Prado Cusco -  Pérou
* : Corresponding author

Small-scale farmers and indigenous peoples have developed new tools and strategies to cope with their harsh environments - resilient crop varieties, genetically diverse seed systems and resource-conserving technologies. Many of these could prove vital in the effort to adapt agriculture to climate change. Through participatory action-research, tools development and capacity building, Within the global project Smallholder Innovation for Resilience (SIFOR), the Asociacion ANDES is attempting to nurture indigenous community advances and traditional knowledge, identify innovations that enhance productivity, and link small-scale farmers with crop scientists. This work aims to support better food security, conservation and institutions for resilience in the face of climate change.

I would like this abstract to be considered for the session "Andean communities in the face of global change" with Diana Sietz.

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