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Perceptions of change
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Global Crisis & Multiple Players: Convergence or Divergence on the Way to Reach Resiliency?
Raymond Sfeir, Jean-Fabrice Lebraty  1@  
1 : Laboratoire Magellan  (Magellan EA 3713)  -  Website
Université Jean Moulin - Lyon III : EA3713

This communication aims to answer to the following research question: “Do different key economic and spiritual players facing a common global crisis have the same analysis of the situation and share the same solutions to reach resiliency?”

After making an academic review about economic resiliency, multicultural approaches and crisis perception, we will display a qualitative study. This study is based upon a major conference that took place in Beirut, Lebanon on the 25th and 26th of March 2013. The topic for this Conference was: Economy serving Mankind. During this conference, thirty economic and spiritual players were invited as speakers to present their point of view on the current economic and political situation and to display potential solutions to solve current issues in order to reach resiliency. Over 400 businessmen attended. Among the speakers we can mention the speeches of M. Pascal Lamy (WTO General Director), M. Louis Gallois (EADS CEO), Cardinal Peter Turkson president of the pontifical council for justice and peace, M. Gerhard Wahlers General Secretary of Konrad Adenauer Foundation, M. Adnan KASSAR President of the Arab Federation of Chamber, H.R.H. Prince Turki Al Faisal President of King Faisal Foundation for Islamic Studies, Mr Adnan YOUSSOF President of Arab Banks Federation (Islamic Finance) M. Saboundjian Lebanese Minister of Industry, M. Riad SALAMEH Governor of the Lebanese Central Bank, M. Rund LUBBERS former Prime Minister of Netherland, M. Pierre LECOCQ President of UNIAPAC (15,000 International Businessmen) M. Ata CEYLAN V-Pdt of Tuskon (Turkish Federation 40,000 Businessmen) M. Georges Corm Former Lebanese Minister of Finance and M. Neemat Frem Pdt of the Association of Lebanese Industrials.

We are now processing all the speeches using a content analysis method in conjunction with the results of a satisfaction survey answered by all participants.

The aim is to present our first results according to 3 dimensions: the situation appraisal, the goal to reach (in terms of resiliency) and the process to reach this goal. The idea is to cross-check the answers given by these economic and spiritual players with their cultural background.

Based on our first results, there seems to be a convergence on their appraisal of the situation. They all shared the same opinion but using different terms. However, there are some paradoxical divergences on their views on the way to reach resiliency.

This communication is of managerial, theoretical and methodological interest. In terms of managerial interest, it helps to better understand the different approaches of key players facing a common global issue. In terms of theoretical interest, it is an attempt to analyze the concept of resiliency with a multicultural dimension. In terms of methodological interest, we use a recent version of content analysis software (NVIVO 10) and we propose to use again our methodology for other similar conferences.

The main limit of this study is the number of guest speakers but the great renown of the speakers counterbalances this weakness.

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