Monday 5
Marine regime shifts around the globe : theory, drivers, and impacts
Norström Albert
› 11:05 - 18:00 (6h55)
Community Values in Resource Governance: A Case Study from New Brunswick
Courtenay E. Parlee  1, 2@  
1 : University of New Brunswick  (UNB)
13 MacAuley Lane, Annex C, Suite 28, Fredericton, NB Canada, E3B 5A3 -  Canada
2 : Canadian Fisheries Research Network  (CFRN)  -  Website
University of New Brunswick, PO Box 4400, Fredericton, NB E3B 5A3 -  Canada

In Southwest New Brunswick, the Bay of Fundy Marine Advisory Committee is a government initiated governance program that is intended to be a proactive approach to risk assessment and management (Stephenson 1990). The Marine Advisory Committee has developed a performance based audit framework in the form of Community Values Criteria which expresses local knowledge about risk. This set of Community Values Criteria are proposed to facilitate resilience by informing, directing and measuring decision making processes and management plans (MRP 2011). At the national level, the Canadian Fisheries Research Network also hopes to use an audit approach in the form of a ‘report card' to improve both ecological and social outcomes of the Canadian Fishery. This presentation will explore the question of how a national ‘report card' can integrate community knowledge such as that expressed in the Marine Advisory Committee's Community Values Criteria. Particular emphasis will be placed on the difficulty of doing so when the audit is normative in nature and thus tends to neglect the richness and diversity of different communities by reducing them to some fundamental essence (in sensu Brohman 1995).

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