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Integral analysis of social-ecological systems : the art of interdisciplinary research
Adrian Slob, Jurian Edenbos
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Integral analysis of social-ecological systems: the art of interdisciplinary research
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NOTE: this is a proposal for two session that follow-up on each other on this topic.


The integral analysis of social ecological systems (SES) requires an in-depth cooperation between several disciplines from social and natural sciences, like biologists, eco-toxicologists, hydrologists, soil experts, economists, spatial/urban planners, sociologists, policy analysts, etc. However, interdisciplinary work is not self-executive due to epistemological differences and variety in approaches to researching SES. Every discipline has its own specific framing, language, and ways of thinking about how relevant and reliable knowledge can be generated. A fundamental challenge in interdisciplinary research is therefore to overcome problems created by differences in disciplinary cultures: to cross the conceptual and methodological boundaries between the prevailing fields of research.

Two sessions will be organized with the following questions:

· How can we conceptualize interdisciplinary research and what type of interaction between the disciplines is needed for the integral analysis of social-ecological systems?
This first session is focused on conceptualization of interdisciplinary research and discovering factors influencing interdisciplinarity.

· How can we facilitate effective interdisciplinary research for SES-analysis?
This second session will pay attention to translating these influencing factors (from the first session) to practical notions and guidelines on how to improve the effectiveness of interdisciplinary research.

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