Wednesday 7
Social-Ecological Networks – an emerging transdisciplinary approach to study social-ecological systems
Orjan Bodin, Beatrice Crona
› 11:35 - 12:30 (55min)
Transformations from a social-ecological network perspective.
Galafassi Diego * , Örjan Bodin  1@  
1 : Stockholm Resilience Center  (SRC)
* : Corresponding author

The study of transformations requires an integrative understanding of social and ecological components. Models of social-ecological systems can help us understand the co-evolution of natural and societal processes. If we conceptualize a social-ecological system as interacting components in a network, every transformation of a social-ecological system will imply a re-configuration of the underlying social-ecological network. Social-ecological network structure constrains or facilitates change and how the system will behave in a transformation process.

In this explorative paper we present ways in which particular features of transformations can be studied through the study of evolution in networks. First we present an overview of the multiple methodologies that can be used to study evolution and dynamics in networks and linkages to transformative processes. In the second part we present three examples of application of tools from dynamic networks to study transformations. The first case demonstrates how we can study the formation and emergence of networks. Understanding generative properties of networks provides insights on possible directions of evolution of a social-ecological system. The second case explores networks where the dynamics of network structure co-evolve with process dynamics within the network. This approach helps us identify stages of evolution of a system. Finally we look into how cycles in individual's networks can help us understand aspects of distributed agency in transformation.

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