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Urban resilience and ecosystem services
Stephan Barthel
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Ecosystem Services in the New York City Social-ecological System : Multi-criteria analysis, tradeoffs and synergies
Peleg Kremer  1@  , Timon Mcphearson  2@  , Zoe Hamstead@
1 : The New School Tishman Environment and Design Center  (TEDC)  -  Website
79 5th Avenue, 16th floor, New York, NY 10003 -  États-Unis
2 : The New School Tishman Environment and Design Center  (TEDC)  -  Website
79 Fifth Avenue, 16th Floor New York, NY 10003 -  États-Unis

Mapping and modeling of spatially explicit urban ecosystem services is important for the development of the ecosystem services concept as a tool to support urban resilience planning and governance in urban social-ecological systems. However, tools to incorporate multiple ecosystem services in the urban setting are still in early development and often lack the ability to incorporate complex and heterogeneous urban social-ecological data.

In this paper, we use NYC as a case study to explore the production of five ecosystem services—storm water runoff mitigation, carbon storage, air pollution removal, local climate regulation, and recreation. Using multiple city-wide GIS and remote sensing datasets, the spatial distribution of these urban ecosystem services is analyzed, and tradeoffs and synergies among them are evaluated. Different approaches are explored to the compilation of spatial data of urban ecosystem services production through a multi-criteria analysis framework.

The results presented in this paper further the understating of the distribution, tradeoffs and synergies of urban ecosystem services and exemplify the tools needed to integrate this knowledge for the purpose of integrating ecosystem services in urban resilience planning and governance.

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