Tuesday 6
Identifying Regional Scale Social Ecological Feedbacks for Adaptive Governance Practice
Michael Quinn, Mary-Ellen Tyler
› 11:30 - 12:30 (1h)
Identifying Regional Scale Social Ecological Feedbacks for Adaptive Governance Practice
Michael Quinn  1, *@  , Mary-Ellen Tyler  2@  
1 : Institute for Environmental Sustainability, Mount Royal University  (IES, MRU)  -  Website
4825 Mount Royal Gate S.W. Calgary, AB T3E 6K6 -  Canada
2 : Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary  (EVDS, UofC)  -  Website
2500 University Drive N.W. Calgary, AB T2N 1N4 -  Canada
* : Corresponding author

The session will showcase specific practice experiences, SES contexts and methods used in identifying and incorporating social ecological feedbacks into resilience assessment or adaptive governance. We think the concept and theory of social ecological feedbacks in SES and resilience literature has been relatively well developed. However, in practice, the identification of critical feedbacks and scales of feedback are highly contextual and application specific. The session will include: 1) practice demonstrations/case studies of specific types (hydrological, fisheries, forestry, or landscape change SES feedbacks) in a panarchy context (i.e. cross-scalar feedbacks and scale implications), 2) practice demonstrations/case studies of co-creation of knowledge, social learning or transdisciplinary processes used to identify and agree on what critical feedbacks to use in adaptive governance activities and 3) practice or research examples of the identification methods for and the use of SES feedbacks in context specific resilience assessment.

We see this proposed session as an opportunity to bring together a range of cultural, geographic, and socioeconomic development contexts and experiences to engage participants in identifying similarities, differences and knowledge gaps for further collaborative work or ongoing communication.

Format of the Session:

The session will be a workshop-type format. There will be 3 short paper / case study presentations (10 minute maximum): 1) Amani, Sharon. Harnessing regional and local food procurement to build resilient smallholder agricultural systems. 2) Hill, Gregory et al. Institutional logics and social regimes: a resilience history of social and ecological change in the Columbia River Basin. 3) Thiel, Andreas. Discretionary alignment or in scalar organization of SES governance? The cases of water and marine governance in the EU. These will be followed by two shorter presentations of 5 minutes each to identify critical challenges related to identification and operationalization of social ecological feedbacks: 1) Svedin, Uno et al. Resilience understanding in long term societal transformations. Quinn, Michael and Tyler, Mary-Ellen. Social ecological feedbacks in a regional ecohydrology context. The final 20 minutes will be a panel discussion including all the presenters. The intent of the panel is to examine differences and commonalities among the papers with the aim of identifying methods and research needs for better understanding and addressing social ecological feedbacks. In essence, this extends the transdisciplinary nature of the cases by fostering additional learning and co-creation of knowledge derived from different contexts.

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