Tuesday 6
Resilience, Community Action and Social Transformation
Thomas Henfrey, Glen Kuecker, Gesa Maschkowski
› 11:35 - 12:30 (55min)
Resilience, Transition, and Knowledge: Global South Perspectives
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Please note that this abstract is for the session: Resilience, Community Action and Social Transformation organized by Professor Tom Henfry.


This presentation contributes to the conference's Knowledge theme, and it is part of a proposed session, “Resilience, Community Action and Social Transformation,” organized by the Transition Network and ENLACC. This presentation offers theoretical considerations about resilience and transition with a focus on the problem of “whose resilience” and “whose transition” are assumed in deployments of resilience and transition, especially when they are used by practitioners from the global north. The presentation focuses on how these terms produce knowledge, and how that knowledge production runs the risk of reproducing unequal and unfair relations of power within the global system. The central contribution is the exploration of post-colonial theory as a way to arrive at “other knowledges” – the ways of being, seeing, and acting throughout the global south. The presentation argues that these other knowledges show that there are many ways of being resilient and there are many paths of transition. The presentation will make use of examples from the Zapatista movement in Chiapas, communities in resistance to mining in Ecuador, a solidarity food project in Guatemala, and a cultural recovery project in Papua New Guinea. The presentation aims to provoke conversation and debate about resilience and transiton. 


Glen David Kuecker

DePauw University

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