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Adaptation strategies
Elin Enfors
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Climate variability and Vulnerability: Adaptation to extremes climate events and building Climate Resilience
Sunpreet Kaur  1@  , Mohammad Aatish Khan@
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Being the poorest state of the country (India) with a 47.2% poverty ratio, Orissa has been prone to extreme climate variability. Its 11 river basins are the worst flood-affected areas of this region. The 500 km long coastline is prone to regular cyclones.

The paper presents a categorization of the local population on high, mid and low vulnerability parameters, using the socio-economic and meteorological data. To determine the shift of population from low to high vulnerability range, future time-scale projections with validation through observed data were used. The climate data time-slices used were 1901-2005 (observed data) and 2020s, 2050s, 2100s (projected data).

The paper recommends current and future adaptation strategies focusing on flood-prone and cyclone-prone regions. The adaptation framework through the convergence of government's ongoing schemes and community participation were identified. The paper also measures community's climate resilience and presents strategies for reducing their future vulnerability. 

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