Tuesday 6
Resilience, Community Action and Social Transformation
Thomas Henfrey, Glen Kuecker, Gesa Maschkowski
› 11:35 - 12:30 (55min)
Transitioning to resilient local communities in the context of economic crisis: barriers and opportunities from the Spanish Transition Movement.
Juan Del Río  1, 2@  , Lorenzo Chelleri  3, 4, *@  
1 : Red de Transición España  -  Website
2 : Transition Research Network  -  Website
3 : Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona UAB, Geography Department, INTERFASE team  -  Website
4 : Urban Resilience Young Researchers Network  (URBnet)  -  Website
* : Corresponding author

This presentation contributes to the conference's Knowledge theme, and it is part of a proposed session titled “Resilience, Community Action and Social Transformation,” organized by the Transition Network and the European Network for Local Community Based Action on Climate Change (ENLACC).

Sustainability transitions can be driven from local collective actions shaping new rules and resilient social-ecological dynamics mainly based on promoting self-sufficiency and learning by doing within community engagement. Transition Towns movement has been rising worldwide in the last decade and this paper assesses the emerging Spanish initiatives with critical reflections and special attention paid to the barriers and opportunities behind this specific social action. The European socio-economic crisis had provided the conditions to rise for hundreds of bottom-up self-organized initiatives, which resilience building is clearly focused on promoting local transitions toward a more sustainable, equitable and self sufficient community. Nearly 20 transition cases have been evaluated underlining their i) inception conditions ii) take off factors iii) institutions collaboration and network structures for their development. The presentation outlines the principles of community resilience and the relationships with transition dynamics in the context of northern globalised countries with deep financial crisis. The results aim to provoke debate about i) how to build community resilience fostering community engagement facing lack of economical resources ii) the need of build bridges between science, social movements and institutional support.

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