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Achieving Resilience in Small-Scale Fisheries : Applying Emerging Frontiers in Social-Ecological Systems Research
John Kittinger, Elena Finkbeiner, Christina Hicks
› 11:05 - 18:00 (6h55)
Two steps forward, two steps back: Navigating the transitions towards community-based marine resource management in Solomon Islands
Kirsten Abernethy  1, 2@  , Orjan Bodin  3@  , Per Olsson  3@  
1 : University of Exeter  -  Website
Environment and Sustainability Institute University of Exeter, Penryn Campus Penryn TR10 9EZ Cornwall, UK -  Royaume-Uni
2 : The WorldFish Center  -  Website
3 : Stockholm Resilience Centre  -  Website

In Solomon Islands, community-based arrangements for marine resource management (CBRM) are promoted by government, are advocated for by non-government actors, and are seen by both as the best option to achieve sustainable and secure inshore fisheries and aquatic resources. We use a process-based methodology to empirically examine the implementation of CBRM in multiple case study sites across Solomon Islands. We use insights from the literatures on diffusion of innovation and adaptive cycles to define phases and understand the dynamic processes that communities undergo throughout CBRM implementation. We show that movement between phases are non-linear, and can require social innovation to move from one to the next. We test and uncover key factors that facilitate or hinder movement, and the speed of movement through phases. Interactions between key actors and the rest of the community are vital, particularly the type and legitimacy of knowledge and communication about resource management diffused through the community, and how this is used to make decisions. We find and describe the role of community leadership, trust, cohesion and participation in decision-making in transitioning towards community-based marine resource management.

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