Wednesday 7
Biodiversity and Ecosystem services supporting urban resilience - a global perspective
Pamela Muehlman
› 11:30 - 12:30 (1h)
› JOFFRE 1-2
Biodiversity and Ecosystem services supporting Urban Resilience - a global perspective.
Pamela Muehlmann  1, *@  
* : Corresponding author

To enhance social-ecological resilience within complex urban systems and to develop solutions for today's urban challenges, transformation and flexibility in urban planning is needed to encourage sustainable development. Cities have started to use the ideas of urban resilience and sustainability linked to locations; however these are not concepts linked to location but to systems – open systems with a myriad of flows of resources, waste, capital, and knowledge. The links can be very complex and the feedback mechanisms not direct. The narrow definition and application of sustainability can also result in unintended consequences, but new models are emerging placing a value on nature's services, which in combination with increased collaboration across cities globally can help produce sustainable resource chains.  To achieve a transition to a sustainable and resilient urban future, resource use and environmental impacts need to be addressed not only within the urban boundaries, but also by accounting for the dependence of cities on ecosystems, natural resources and people in surrounding areas and other parts of the world.

ICLEI – local governments for sustainability in its global network is acting as a knowledge broker towards urban decision makers in the field of climate adaptation, resilience and ecosystem services and will therefore host the session to find commonalities but also mission links to trigger an interactive discussion at the end and to spur inspiration amongst practitioners for more sustainable urban planning and development processes. The outcomes of the session are expected to gather different scientific approaches to this topic and to compare different examples from across the world, gather under the leading idea of understanding the correlation of improved ecosystem services and biodiversity toward an increased urban resilience. 

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