Tuesday 6
Traditional knowledge and resilience thinking
Juliana Merçon, Evodia Silva-Rivera
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Traditional knowledge and resilience thinking
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Dialogue Session


a. Session Title: Traditional knowledge and resilience thinking

b. Session Chairs: Juliana Merçon and Evodia Silva-Rivera


c. Abstract of the session indicating the questions, issues, controversies, themes to be addressed during the session:

In this dialogue session we would like to explore a) the contributions of resilience thinking to systems where traditional knowledge plays a key social and ecological role, and b) the contributions of traditional forms of knowledge to the science of resilience. A series of questions and challenges arise from these connections. We suggest that our discussion focuses on epistemological and ethical issues concerning the encounter between science and traditional forms of knowledge. Some of our guiding questions are:

  • What ethical principles should guide resilience studies in their interaction with traditional knowledge?
  • How are we to avoid new forms of “epistemological colonialism” when carrying out empirical research and/or writing about different forms of knowledge/cultures?
  • What tools, procedures or resources can assist us in building our sensibility to (awareness of, and openness towards) different cultures?
  • What sort of epistemological shifts and trans/inter-disciplinary approaches would be needed in order to understand the interconnection between culture and nature more effectively?

Speakers and participants will be encouraged to describe examples from theory and practice that illustrate positive approaches as well as problems and challenges we face when working within intercultural contexts.

d. Session type and how it should be facilitated:

Dialogue Session. Speakers will be invited to share their ideas (10 minutes each) and to suggest one question each for general discussion with the audience. One co-chair will build a collective “mind map” on a whiteboard or flipchart using the discussed ideas. At the end of the session, participants will be encouraged to make brief interventions to allow an inclusive, integrative sharing of several viewpoints. A synthesis of the most important aspects of the discussion will be presented (20 minutes for discussion and synthesis). If time allows, participants will be asked to contribute with a new round of questions with which we will leave the session.


e. Names of speakers and titles of their contributions:

1. Speaker: Juliana Merçon (25334)

Title of contribution: Indigenous wisdom and the science of resilience. Complementarities between the Andean ‘living well' (buen vivir) paradigm and resilience thinking.


2. Speakers: Evodia Silva-Rivera and Noé Velázquez-Rosas (25351)


Title of contribution: Cultural and biological heritage resilience through a grassroots

Diversified Agroforestry Systems approach.


3. Speaker: Jamila Haider (25090)

Title of contribution: With our own hands. A celebration of life and food in the Afghan and Tajik Pamirs


4. Speaker: Brenda Parlee (25569)

Title of contribution: Tracking change. Traditional knowledge and ecosystem dynamics in Northern Canada 

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