Monday 5
Achieving Resilience in Small-Scale Fisheries : Applying Emerging Frontiers in Social-Ecological Systems Research
John Kittinger, Elena Finkbeiner, Christina Hicks
› 11:05 - 18:00 (6h55)
The resilience of artisanal fisheries to expanding market access, technology acquisition, and migration
Daniel Kramer  1@  , Kara Stevens  1@  
1 : Michigan State University  (MSU)  -  Website
East Lansing, Michigan -  États-Unis

In 2008, the Nicaraguan government completed the first trans-isthmian road from the capital of Managua to the Autonomous Region of the Southern Atlantic (RAAS) thereby creating a natural experiment by which to study the effects of globalization on several small, coastal communities differing in their proximity to the road and therefore the effects of market access, technology, and migration on local marine resource use. We evaluated the spatial and temporal dimensions of the effects of globalization on local fishermen and coastal fisheries. Utilizing household survey and individual fishing trip data, we examine variability in catch, effort, and gear selection using trip, individual, and community covariates. In particular, we explain why some households and communities are more resilient to the effects of globalization on coastal fisheries. 

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