Wednesday 7
Whose planet? Whose ‘boundaries'? A dialogue on the politics of ‘planetary boundaries'
David Lansing
› 10:25 - 11:20 (55min)
› Pasteur
A Polycentric Approach to Planetary Boundaries?
Galaz Victor  1@  
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NOTE: Part of the session "Whose planet? Whose ‘boundaries'? A dialogue on the politics of planetary boundaries"

The notion of "planetary boundaries" has spurred some interesting and intense debates about the role of global actors, science and institutions in the Anthropocene. One stream of critique has claimed that the concepts invites to top-down interventions, and even a "global government". In this presentation, I challenge this claim, explore the role of Earth stewardship and similar polycentric approaches, and elaborate new global governance challenges posed by the notion of interacting planetary "tipping points" and cross-scale dynamics.

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