Tuesday 6
Critical Perspectives on ‘Knowledge for Adaptation' : The LKCCAP Project in the Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania
Thomas Smucker
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Linking Local Knowledge and Adaptive Capacity in the Kilimanjaro Region
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122 Clippinger Labs - Department of Geography Ohio University Athens, OH 45701 -  États-Unis

Session: Critical Perspectives on ‘Knowledge for Adaptation': The LKCCAP Project in the Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania

Heightened climate variability is altering climate-sensitive livelihood systems from intensively cultivated highlands to semi-arid pastoral savanna communities and poses a fundamental challenge to both short-term coping capacity and long-term adaptive capacity. Importantly, changes in climate variability and societal responses to them are not uniform but highly differentiated across ecological and livelihood spaces and within communities. This paper contributes to understanding key interactions between local knowledge systems and adaptive capacity to climate change, how these interactions vary along altitudinal gradients, the role of the changing institutional landscape in reshaping the contributions of local knowledge systems to adaptive capacity to climate change. Geographical inequality in the Kilimanjaro Region is examined through the use of a household adaptive capacity index. The results of this regional level analysis are interpreted in light of participatory village and household-level capacity assessments that explore the institutional and knowledge factors enabling or constraining local-scale adaptation in communities within three socio-ecological contexts.

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