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Whose planet? Whose ‘boundaries'? A dialogue on the politics of ‘planetary boundaries'
David Lansing
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Planetary Boundaries and a Resilient Anthropocene
Garry Peterson  1@  
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Planetary Boundaries and a Resilient Anthropocene (for session on " Whose planet? Whose ‘boundaries'?" organized by David Lansing, & Erle Ellis) 

Planetary Boundaries and a Resilient Anthropocene

The Planetary Boundaries concept attempts to establish a set of boundaries that represent the situation under which human civilizations have developed. However, one of the problems with using the concept of Planetary Boundaries to plan for the future that the planet has irreversibly, on human time scales, passed three of the boundaries. Consequently, this suggests that a more useful question to ask about how the navigate the future is what forms of resilience would appear to be useful in the Anthropocene. This talk focuses in particular on lessons from adaptive management's pluralistic approach to uncertainty could contribute to discussions of Planetary Boundaries and the development of strategies to create a an Anthropocene that could achive the goals of creating a fair, prosperous, and sustainable world.

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