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How to enhance agrifood resilience? - Operationalising resilience approaches
Helena Kahiluoto, Karoliina Rimhanen, Miia Kuisma
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How to enhance agrifood resilience? - Operationalising resilience approaches
Helena Kahiluoto  1@  , Karoliina Rimhanen  2@  , Miia Kuisma  3@  , Hanna Mäkinen  4@  , Sami Paavola  5@  
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5 : University of Helsinki

Session program


Session title:

How to enhance agrifood resilience? - Operationalising resilience approaches


Key words: Resilience, adaptive capacity, mitigation, social-ecological systems, agriculture, food security, management, thresholds, social network, response diversity, dialogue, learning, interdisciplinary, participation


Session chairs: Dr Helena Kahiluoto, MTT Agrifood Research Finland; Dr. Sami Paavola, the University of Helsinki


Issues to be addressed:

The rapid climate change and frequent occurrence of extreme weather events as well as the mitigation efforts have induced great uncertainty to agrifood systems. The challenge is further exacerbated by the recently multiplied price volatility on the global food market. Therefore, building resilience in agrifood systems attracts increasing societal attention. Even if climate change adaptation science in relation to agriculture has been mainstreamed, efforts to operationalize resilience in research and management of agrifood systems are only emerging. Despite calls been posed for long to manage for resilience, no break-through of empirical applications has occurred to date.


In the proposed session, we build upon the insights of resilience approaches. In each presentation we adopt a specific theoretical framework for generating the hypotheses on determinants of resilience and means to assess and manage it. Such specific frameworks are social and ecological network analyses, response diversity and activity theory. The generated hypotheses are then tested in various cases of agrifood systems, starting with a dairy system of a region to farms, fields and tools for communication on resilient sets of barley cultivars between scientists and breeders, to extend to farmers, fodder industry and emergency food supply authority. All presentations include an introduction to the theoretical framework and its application in the case in concern, as well as discussion on the empirical results.


The overarching question posed by the session is: How to enhance resilience in various parts of agrifood systems?


Format of the session:

The session is composed of short presentations (10 minutes each) with discussion (5 minutes) after each presentation.


Speakers and titles:

15:40 Determinants of resilience in dairy systems

Karoliina Rimhanena, Miia Kuismaa, Hanna Mäkinena, Vladimir Surovtsevb Helena Kahiluotoa

aMTT Agrifood Research Finland bNorth-West Research Institute of Agricultural Economics and Organization, Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Russia


15:55 Building robust nutrient and energy economy

Miia Kuisma a, Karoliina Rimhanen a, Mikhail Ponomarevb, Vladimir Surovtsevb, Helena Kahiluotoa

aMTT Agrifood Research Finland; bNorth-West Research Institute of Agricultural Economics and Organization, Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Russia


16:10 An empirical assessment method for resilience through diversification – An application in forage plants

Hanna Mäkinena, Janne Kasevaa, Perttu Virkajärvia, Mirek Trnkabc, Helena Kahiluotoa

aMTT Agrifood Research Finland; bInstitute of Agrosystems and Bioclimatology, Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic; cCzechGlobe – Global Change Research Centre AV CR v.v.i., Czech Republic


16:25 Making sense of resilience in barley breeding: Towards usability of the concept of response diversity

Sami Paavolaa, Sari Himanenb, Helena Kahiluotob, Reijo Miettinena

aUniversity of Helsinki, Center for Research on Activity, Development and Learning (CRADLE), Finland

bMTT Agrifood Research Finland


16:40 Closure of the session

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