Tuesday 6
Landscapes of Resilience- understanding how the creation and care of green spaces can affect resilience in times of crisis
Keith Tidball, Erika Svendsen, Traci Sooter
› 15:45 - 16:40 (55min)
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Visual Documentation: Multiple View Points
Victoria Marshall  1@  , Colin Macfadyen@
1 : TILL Design  (TILL)  -  Website
60 Union Street 4S, Newark, NJ, 071005 -  États-Unis

TILL Design is documenting a TKF: Landscapes of Resilience, New York, project from beginning to end with visual media, we are also the designers for the garden element of the project. Our videos include a series of miniature narratives, which are periodically edited into complete short-form documentaries (30 second, 2 minute, 5 minute.) The miniature narratives include interviews, day-in-the-life (capturing people, urban elements, objects and the spaces they create), and open space sacred places (time-lapses, soundscapes, and animated maps.) Our goal in this ‘twinned' project is to capture a relational way understanding space, which we then aim to bring into a garden design. Massey, in her book ‘For Space', notes that space ‘is the sphere of the continuous production and reconfiguration of heterogeneity in all its forms — diversity, subordination, conflicting Interests', which calls forth ‘a relational politics for a relational space.” Toward this goal of learning about multiple view points, the miniature narratives and short-form documentaries are made available online throughout the research project, as a resource to the residents, team, students, other researchers in the Sandy-affected community as well as other red-zone areas, past and future.

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