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Community Flood Resilience and Development : From Theory to Practice
Frederic Grelot, Adriana Keating, Wei Liu, Reinhard Mechler
› 11:05 - 18:00 (6h55)
› Béziers
Non-structural measures for integrated flood risk management in socio-ecological systems
Joanne Linnerooth-Bayer  1, *@  , Wei Liu  1@  , Anna Lorant  1, *@  
1 : International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis  (IIASA)
* : Corresponding author


Community Flood Resilience and Development: From Theory to Practice


Floods affect more people than any other type of natural disaster and amount to some of the largest economic, social and insured losses. Flood exposure is increasing worldwide, mainly owing to growing populations and assets and climate change. Traditionally flood risk reduction was mainly delivered by structural solutions, such as dikes, levees, embankments etc. Recently more attention has been paid for non-structural measures, including increased preparedness, land use planning, and insurance, etc. These measures usually do not require large investment in hard-engineered infrastructures, as typically do structural measures, but rely on a good understanding of flood hazard in the complex socio-ecological contexts across multiple spatial and temporal scales. As a result, methods for effectiveness assessment and cost-benefit analysis of these non-structural measures are not well established. Taking a socio-ecological systems approach, we show that, over extended timescales, many non-structural measures can have multiple benefits, some beyond their flood management function, and engagement of community at risk is critical for the long-term success of non-structural measures. We provide a comprehensive cost-benefit assessment on selected measures aiming to enhance natural water retention through land use planning in the Warta region in Poland and show that these non-structural measures could be cost-competitive comparing with the traditional structural solutions. 

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