Monday 5
Community Flood Resilience and Development : From Theory to Practice
Frederic Grelot, Adriana Keating, Wei Liu, Reinhard Mechler
› 11:05 - 18:00 (6h55)
› Béziers
Resilience thinking in community flood risk management: from theory to practice
Adriana Keating  1, *@  , Reinhard Mechler  1@  
1 : International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis  (IIASA)
* : Corresponding author


Community Flood Resilience and Development: From Theory to Practice


Conceptually resilience means different things to different people; when it comes to implementation the differences in perspective are amplified and this is a major challenge. We draw on experience from a global research and intervention collaboration between insurers, non-government organizations and researchers on community flood resilience. We present a theoretical perspective and on-the-ground operationalization of disaster resilience that is effective across multiple perspectives and priorities. Resilience thinking brings a new dimension to disaster risk management while also linking it with development and climate change adaptation. Our approach considers novel approaches to frame and operationalize resilience such as the sustainable livelihoods frameworks for resilience measurement, and iterative risk management as the resilience process in action. It is broad enough to serve as an analytical framework in developed or developing, rural or urban communities. It then identifies locally specific priorities and opportunities. Both quantitative and qualitative data and resource constraints are addressed.

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