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Measuring resilience
Alexis Hoskins
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Resilience measurement for food and nutrition security: toward an agenda for harmonized methods and tools and overview of Resilience Measurement Design Principles for Food and Nutrition Security -
Alexis Hoskins * , Veronique De Schutter  1, *@  
1 : World Food Programme  (WFP)  -  Website
* : Corresponding author

There is now wide agreement that the interaction of climate change trends, ecosystem fragility, and geo-political instability has produced new configurations of risks that have become increasingly difficult to predict. Viewed by many as a strategic approach to deal with the range of unpredictable risks that undermine food and nutrition security, resilience has recently emerged as a key concept for policy and program development.


However, different institutions use different approaches to predict, measure and monitor resilience, and to evaluate the impact of resilience programmes. The Food Security Information Network (FSIN)* has established a Resilience Measurement Technical Working Group (RM-TWG) to assist field practitioners in generating credible, comparable data on resilience in emergency and development settings. In addition, a Community of Practice (CoP) dedicated to food and nutrition security resilience measurement practitioners has been launched to facilitate information exchange and sharing of best practices.


In January, the TWG issued a first of a series of three technical papers, which defines resilience as “the capacity that ensures adverse stressors and shocks do not have long-lasting adverse development consequences”. This paper also reviews the relationship between vulnerability and resilience, and identifies ten design principles that introduce the objectives and challenges of resilience measurement. 


The presentation will summarize the TWG and CoP processes established under the FSIN and the key elements of the “Resilience Measurement Principles: toward an agenda for measurement design” paper.




*The Food Security Information Network (FSIN) was launched by FAO, IFPRI and WFP in October 2012 as a global community of practice whose aim is to improve food and nutrition security information systems.


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