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Sense of place in socio-ecological dynamics
Olivier Barreteau, Francesco Ricci, Stephane Ghiotti
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Sense of place in socio-ecological dynamics
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Evolution of socio-ecological systems is not only dependent on internal actions but also on external changes in their environment. People have to adapt to these changes. When focusing on adaptation paths, it is now recognized that pluri-sectoral approaches are required. In practice it means to perform analysis at the plot level where consequences of various adaptation policies meet and interfere.

In this session we aim at better understanding the specificity of the relations to their place in this capacity to adapt. It results from a first set of discussion held in a warm up event of the conference, planned to take place late october, making the link between the tradition of SES analysis and a French geographical way of considering “Territoires” as a system gathering a place, people living herein and their relations with their place. This concept of “Territoire” assumes that the place is meaningful to people and that they feel attached to it. It includes among others political ties but also affective ones. A minimum condition is the existence of a common name to designate it and an approximate agreement on its spatial boundaries.

However place is framing adaptation capacity. Through mixing various traditions of analysing “territoires” and socio-ecological systems, we want to showcase the diversity of ties and relations that are constraining or enabling possibilities for adaptation. The session should then result in a meta-analysis of these ties in order to understand trade-offs, feedback loops and eventual cascade effects among them. The ties explored will include:

- Access to natural resources,

- Capacity to migrate out,

- Innovation capacities in natural resources management,

- Economic ties, including local employment

- Social ties, including family

- Identity through reference to the place

- Business complementarities


The approaches brought in the session will include those present at the warm up event (human geography, resilience alliance) but will be opened to a larger set of complementary views, such as industrial ecology or political ecology. Exploration of connections among these ties will be analysed with a resilience lense.

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