Wednesday 7
Social-Ecological Networks – an emerging transdisciplinary approach to study social-ecological systems
Orjan Bodin, Beatrice Crona
› 11:35 - 12:30 (55min)
Tracing social-ecological connectivity across scales: exploring the relation between trade and fish extraction patterns in Lake Nabugabo, Uganda.
Stuart Kininmonth, Örjan Bodin  1, *@  , Beatrice Crona  2@  , Ismael Vaccaro, Lauren Chapman@
1 : Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University  (SRC)  -  Website
Stockholm University Kräftriket 2B SE-114 19 Stockholm -  Suède
2 : Stockholm Resilience Centre  (SRC)
* : Corresponding author

Understanding the cross-scale nature of how natural resource trading links to local extraction patterns remains a topic of great relevance. In this paper we 1) map relevant social-ecological networks connecting multiple levels of actors involved in the fish trading chain in Lake Nabugabo, Uganda; and 2) explore the fisher-trader system in more detail to understand the drivers behind demand, leading to patterns of exploitation.

 We combined data on social, social-ecological and ecological networks to understand how social aspects of trading relates to fish extraction patterns. This approach spans from market activity to traders to fishers and finally the fish populations to comprehensively account for drivers in the system. The implications of the social-ecological network structure for local resource governance are explored using fisher interview survey data. We are able then to explore why the network looks like it does, how the nature of the fisher-trader relations affects the observed structure and how general system dynamics (such as price fluctuations, livelihood diversity and existence of credit arrangements) may influence the evolution of the social-ecological network at hand. Our results highlight the important and influential role of traders with respect to the extraction of natural resources.

We conclude by reflecting on methodological challenges and the opportunities of combining multiple types of data sets for cross-scale analysis of Social-Ecological system dynamics.

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