Monday 5
From Framework to Farm work: Linking Resilience in Theory and Practice
Gine Zwart, Sarah Doornbos, Willy Douma
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Scaling up good practice for resilient farming systems
Dr G. V. Ramanjaneyulu  1, *@  , Dr Zakir Hussain  1@  
1 : CSA India
* : Corresponding author

Session: From Framework to Farm work: Linking Resilience in Theory and Practice

Great initiatives that build on agricultural biodiversity to increase resilience in farming systems can be found all over the world, but often they do not change things at a larger scale. Why is that? Why don't they make a bigger difference? How can we make sure that they have greater impact? A better understanding is needed of the factors that enable the successful scaling up of positive change for more resilient farming systems.

Based on a process of social learning and participatory research, a group of scientists and development practitioners from different regions of the world, have developed an analytical framework for scaling up good practice for resilient farming systems.

By documenting good practice for agro-biodiversity based resilient farming, assessing their preconditions and impact, and drawing key lessons, these solutions have the potential to be developed from local islands of success into strategies that are transferable to other places and other contexts.

The conceptual framework for self-assessing good practices is based on the following criteria:

  • Measurable outputs and impact
  • Replicability
  • Local appropriateness, and
  • Sustainability

Based on these criteria, the framework is used to assess good practices in five interlinked areas:

  • Conservation, Revival and use of Agricultural biodiversity
  • Building Resilient Community Organisations
  • Creating Market and Trade for agrobiodiversity-based products
  • Better Policies and governance systems, and
  • Information networks for learning and exchange

The framework was developed through a participatory process and piloted at different locations. 

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