Tuesday 6
Resilience & industry Part 2
Timothy Smith
› 15:40 - 16:40 (1h)
Where does industry fit into a resilient and sustainable future?
Steve Evans  1@  
1 : University of Cambridge  -  Website
Centre for Industrial Sustainability 17 Charles Babbage Rd. Cambridge CB3 0FS, UK -  Royaume-Uni

Industrial activity is a major contributor to our current unsustainable situation yet is often over-looked in the search for solutions. This talk explores the possible role of industry in a sustainable and resilient future.

 Four key competences needed for a sustainable industrial systems will be presented: efficiency, internalisation, co-ordination and whole system design. What do these mean, and how these are manifesting themselves in early experiments today will be explored through examples and we will search for some root causes. The talk will explore important questions such as why are we not even efficient in using current technology? How important is efficiency versus invention? Why is common-sense not common? And we will hopefully discuss why kissing frogs is so important.

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