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Measuring resilience
Alexis Hoskins
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Measuring resilience
Alexis Hoskins  1, *@  
1 : Food security information network  (FSIN)
* : Corresponding author

There is little doubt that resilience is now part of the post-2015 development discourse. Many NGOs, bi- and multi-lateral agencies are now restructuring their programmes and interventions around this concept and investing millions of dollars/Euros into what is presented as “resilience-building” activities. Yet, while many of these NGOs and agencies are also proposing their own interpretation of what resilience is and how to measure it, a rapid review of the literature reveals that all of these metrics and approaches are often quite different. The question which one may then ask is: are we likely to see emerging in the near future an ‘universal' indicator of resilience? There is indeed an urgent and growing demand worldwide for some clarity and homogenization on how to measure resilience. This session brings together three presentations which will illustrate, review and/or discuss some of the recent attempts made in addressing these challenges around measuring resilience, and draw on these experiences to propose some element of response.

Introduction – Alexis Hoskins
Resilience measurement for food and nutrition security: toward an agenda for harmonized methods and tools and overview of Resilience Measurement Design Principles for Food and Nutrition Security - Alexis Hoskins

A mixed methods approach to measuring resilience in Somalia – Marco d'Errico

Towards a quantifiable measure of resilience – Chris Bene

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